A Good Team Leader

A Team Leader has to cater to 2 customers. The team that they supervise and their supervisors. In the last Blog I spoke about the team that they supervise now lets see the other side of the coin. The manager that they report into, your Boss should feel that you as leader can handle any Situation and Responsibility.

The question is How.

Its very Simple, Whenever you complain about anything you should be ready With a Suggestion to Resolve the problem. Their is nothing in this world that does not have a solution we just need to think of it.

In the Next blog I will discuss the easiest way to find a solution, let me give you couple of hints. Its like a game we used to play as kids and it comes in the daily news paper.

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  1. Nikhil Zope says:

    Thanks for tip. I hope these helpful articles keep coming up, I am sure this will help our team members to become better leaders.

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