Do the right thing

I am very sad to understand that most employees are not dedicated to the work to do but still want the employer to be dedicated to pay their wages. No doubt, it is the employer’s responsibility to pay the wages on the defined date, but at the same time isn’t it the employees duty to do his JOB, I mean isn’t the employee supposed to “Do the right thing”.

I have seen employees cribbing for them not being paid on time, but not seen any one saying that I did not do my job today. Most people just go to work and fill in their time, waste their time in doing all the possible nonsense things, basically most take their work as “Time Pass”. This according to me is not ethical work. And I want everyone to answer 1 question to themselves, or be honest to themselves, and say are they honest to their work, do they really deserve the salary that they are being paid for most of the people the answer is “NO”, but that depends on your honesty.

My suggestion to all, respect, love, honor and lastly justify your work there are many people who will die to get the kind of job that you are doing but you are the lucky ones who have it.

An honest attitude towards your work will make you a successful person some day. More than being successful person, you will surely be a satisfied person for sure, this will help you live as well as die with a clean conscious.

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    Very True !! This is one of the best Blog I’ve seen.

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