Motivation in Monotony

Several times we aren’t happy with the current professional graph of ours. We might not be enjoying the work we are doing. Unfortunately, not every job is going to be a challenging. Repetitiveness and monotony is faced by all of us at some point or the other. However, it is still important to do the best at what is asked for. It is always highly appreciated if we do the job with integrity and full conviction and prove to our employer (and most importantly, to ourselves) that we’re willing to do the given work without complaining or letting our quality of work slide

The ability to do well at a not-so-fantastic job will help us getMotivation ourselves in the door at jobs that are closer to what we really want. Motivation in the workplace can be as simple as wallpaper on our computer screen that gives us a whole new mindset of productivity. It is possible to excel in a job that we don’t like, and the potential payoffs for our hard work could be innumerous.

Few pointers to keep the motivation alive at workplace:

Challenge yourself: Though the work you currently doing is not as challenging as you want, you can always find more efficient ways to do it. Try finding out different ways to keep a challenge alive. Figure out what is out of your comfort zone and strive hard to achieve and later excel in it. It could be writing MS Excel macros, improving presentation skills, focusing on how to improvise client interactions etc.

Be Thankful: Even though you aren’t enjoying your work profile at present, there are so many things around you in your organization to appreciate or to be thankful for. It could be the facilities they provide, the flexibility they offer or just be thankful for the coffee machine at your expense. There are always many things to be thankful for: a helpful colleague, canteen fellow or for that matter a house-keeping guy.

Root out Negativity: There would always be many people around who keeps on hen-pecking, gossiping and spreading negativity around. It’s always better to keep away from such people.  Negative attitude towards the employer doesn’t harm employer but to you only! It clutters your mind and takes you away from your real goals. It takes all your energy in wrong things.

Expand Your Skills: Reading more about your domain and keeping yourself updated with the current developments in market is always a boost-up. It channelizes the energy and gives a positive result for sure.

Make a change when inevitable: Sometimes it’s impossible to keep ourselves driving in the monotony or it’s apparent that the situation is not going to get better any soon; quitting is the right option then.

As Irving Wallace as rightly quoted “Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure” People like hard workers, and they find motivation and inspiration in them. Be that person!

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