Resolution made simple

In the Last blog I said that I will be explaining the easiest way of finding solutions for any problem, well here it is, do you remember the game in our daily news paper “Maze”  or more commonly known as “find the path” where all of us cheated and started from the destination to the start point, just to win.

Problem resolution is just the same.

Let me explain to you how, like the game we know what the Problem or the start point is. We also know what the result or destination should be, all we need to find is the correct way or solution. So we start from the desired result, and then move backwards towards the problem one step at a time to find out the best way.

Let me explain this with an example:

One major concern in any corporate is de-motivation among employees. If this is the problem or the start point in the game, the desired result is motivation which is nothing but the end point in the game.

Now most people will try all the different ways to motivate, some could be useful and some use less so what they do is trial and error. To make it quick and to have a quick result I will go the other way round. I will understand what motivates my team is it money, appreciation, pat on the back, pep talk etc. then when I find out the motivating drug for them I just give it to them. That becomes the solution instead of giving them all the drugs that I have and waiting for it to work, I give them what they need. This way I reach my goal quickly.

Similarly all the other issues could be resolved by understanding what is essential to get the desired result.

I will not give petrol to a thirsty man, nor will I give water to an empty fuel tank of a vehicle.

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  1. Manish says:

    Very Impressive…Good Blog Abhishek.

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