We are what we repeatedly do

For many of us, today’s corporate life is a restricted life to a cubicle or a cabin where we spend around 8-10 hours daily. In order to convert the “spend” into “invest” we have to inculcate good habits to make a strong impact at work place which would help in building a powerful career. Investing time in correct way always helps in achieving better results.

Sculpting our day is very important as it helps in sculpting our career. As Aristotle has rightly said “We are what we repeatedly do!” Hence daily habits are the most important part of our professional life.

“To-Do” List: It is important to prepare a “to-do” list at the start of the day; it doesn’t only help in keeping the track of the work-load, but also to prioritize. While dealing with different tasks/responsibilities at same point, we find ourselves in dilemma which task/responsibility should be completed first. To-do list helps us to differentiate the task on the basis of priority, necessity and importance. It helps in expediting on getting things done.

Industry /Domain Knowledge: To remain “in-demand” one should always know what’s being demanded. We should always find time to read about the industry updates we are in.  Whether it’s a new technology or economic effects on the industry one should be well-versed with it. Being informed is of utmost importance to build a healthy career.

Focus on Developing Interpersonal Skills:  Besides our domain knowledge, we should invest time in instilling interpersonal skills. It could be improving email writing skills, presentation skills, handling the meetings effectively etc. These things don’t develop overnight but takes times. If we focus on these little etiquettes it would do wonders for us.

Nourishing Professional Network: We should take an extra effort to build a strong rapport with the professionals around, not just in our organization but on social networking sites too like LinkedIn. This always adds value to our knowledge base and helps in flourishing our career.

Japanese have earned strong reputation for being extremely diligent and sincere.  One way they have earned their reputation is to use the time at the end of the day to always clean up all of those little tasks and start the new day fresh. Uncluttering the desk and mind is the way towards success.

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  1. Ashwini S says:

    Great Post! Thanks for pointing out about sculpting the career. Liked it!

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